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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

For many parts of the country, 2017 was a year of natural disasters. While we can only hope for the best in 2018, the truth is that even without a hurricane or blizzard, there are plenty of more typical events that can harm your business operations and cause data loss. This can be anything from a power outage crashing your IT systems to a fire or storm damaging your servers. Many smaller businesses can't recover from the lost time and money spent rebuilding. That's why our backup and disaster recovery solutions are focused on getting your business back up and running as soon as possible.

3GC offers a fully managed solution with continuous data protection for your entire business. This includes cloud-based replication for easy recovery, as well as security solutions that protect your data from online threats. These solutions are designed to ensure business continuity even during a natural disaster, so that your critical information is secure, backed up and accessible whenever you need it.

We don't just set everything up and leave it alone. Our technicians offer full support, including remote monitoring, regular updates, and proactive maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. All for one low monthly fee per protected server! No more need to worry about your mission-critical data – 3GC is here to take care of your business.


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