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IT Operations Optimization

Series of services & tools to supplement and maximize small/mid enterprise day to day operations.

Companies now have a more mature baseline as they scale, need more speed, and move into the cloud to redefine their capabilities for a new, broader, work from home hybrid environment.  The old standard ITaaS based on traditional break/fix for centralized infrastructure requires a lot of day to day operational maintenance that sucks up your limited resources and is not cost effective.

Free your team's resources to focus on making the biggest impact for your organization.

What makes IT Operations Optimization attractive is the ability to modularly fit into today’s cloud first architectures and cost effectively achieve ROI from month one.  The goal is to help existing IT departments augment their operations very similarly to staff augmentation but with services and products built to modularly and seamlessly fit into your existing IT operations.

Our evolved IT Operations Optimization effectively supports the next generation of digital maturity and security.  Our tools and artifacts, like future state technology maps, RACIs, org charts, data flows, and long-term vision strategies are the keys to modern baseline support. Now that the bases are covered, you can finally focus on your core business.

Beyond higher level baseline support, 3GC's IT Operations Optimization is also an entry-level Dev Ops as a service platform.  It is there to fill the gap between maintenance and ongoing digital optimization.  Our professional services can continue to elevate your digital maturity process with project management support and the development of scripts to manage applications and other tedious tasks.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Weeds

Elevate your baseline support & security

Reallocate your team resources

Maximize your digital maturity

Apply to your business capabilities

For more information on how 3GC Group can help,

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IT Operations, Transformation & Optimization Consulting


Guidance through our custom tools, templates, and artifacts to develop and maintain your modernized IT operations

Middle Management Services

Provide staffing augmentation to ensure daily operational tasks are aligned to goals and objectives

Digital Platform Integration & Security Posture

Layer, maintain, remediate security within every aspect of a devops service platform and an operation's ecosystem

Professional Services

Tailored services to reduce technical debt, deploy mission-critical systems, and to relieve project management stress points

Infrastructure Management

Monitor & upkeep of core IT infrastructure to keep your business running across on-prem, off-prem or in the cloud

IT Operations Optimization

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