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Rosie - Threat Hunting and Protection

You are not doing enough to protect your organization with only MFA, single sign-on, phishing scans, and security training

3GC's Rosie is a set of security products and services focused on Identity Exploitation Management and threat actor analysis that modularly integrates into your current security operations.

Rosie Scan
Identity exploitation scanning using custom built tools by our own ethical hackers and DevSecOps engineers

Rosie Investigation
Identity exploitation analysis by our red team consultant

PASTA (Process for attack simulation and threat analysis) - Threat actor analysis and modeling

Identity exploitation security modeling and architecting

Managed services


To prevent hacks in today's hybrid remote work environment, IDENTITY needs to be the security perimeter

Traditionally, security centered around the LAN, and later cloud infrastructure. Today, many IT departments have a fairly good understanding of these, but securing users continues to be a challenge. ​Despite 2FA/MFA to SSO services like Okta, to IAM operations, and finally, to phishing scans and security training, users continue to be the weakest link in any security posture. The future of security requires a methodology focused on the identities themselves and how threat actors leverage identity weaknesses to infiltrate organizations.

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