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Guerrilla Mask Movement

"If a lot of health care workers contract the virus and have to stay home, obviously at the same time, more patients are being admitted to hospitals. It's potentially a huge critical situation," Sal Rosselli, president of the National Union of Healthcare Workers
- BusinessInsider Apr 7th, 2020

Healthcare workers on the frontline need masks now, today, and every day for weeks and months to come. 3GC Group, along with a hundred caring individuals and companies, have come together to help deliver masks to frontline healthcare professionals at a time when these heroes need them most.

Click here to find out how to get help if you’re a healthcare worker, or how to help get masks into the hands of healthcare workers.

Engineering Cubed Approach

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Use 3GC to collaborate with you to find the right solution for your connectivity. With E-Cubed , every 3GC engineer is required to become certified and experienced in one converged technology, like UC, IP video surveillance, business provisioning, hyper convergence, application security, or virtualization; one perimeter technology, like network security, WAN optimization, SDWAN, or telecom; and most importantly, core infrastructure.

As the underlying hardware platform over which all traffic flows, each of our engineers is certified in either Juniper or Cisco, and trained extensively on L2 through L4 networking. The E-Cubed philosophy is centered around minimizing optimizing network designs and minimizing trouble-shooting by allowing our engineers to conduct root cause analysis quickly in single or multi-vendor environments.

Our engineering cubed approach to converged networking results in:

Average savings by % statistics gathered from cumulating savings from client base.

Specializing in Convergence Technology

3GC Group is a consulting firm, value added reseller and managed services provider focused on Converged Network Technologies and Integrated Communications servicing enterprise organizations globally. We provide system design, implementation, integration, and management services for a complete end-to-end turnkey solution for your converged network.

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Carrier Consulting & UC
  • Unified Threat Management
  • WiFi & WiMax
  • Converged Network Security
  • Machine Learning Driven Network Security
  • MSP and Service Management
  • Hyperconverged Networking
  • Video Surveillance & Access Control
  • SDN/SDWan

3GC Group is a consulting firm, value added reseller, and full-scale managed service provider for enterprise organizations locally and globally across a broad range of network infrastructure technologies.

3GC Group provides system solution design with our E-Cubed philosophy, integration, management services including monitoring, and staff augmentation for a complete end to end turnkey solution.

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