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Other Desired Qualifications

  • Positive outlook on life.

  • MUST have a sense of humor.

  • Looking to make a difference in the world.

  • Enjoy a challenging work environment with great opportunities for professional growth.

  • Be willing and able to assist with a variety of other duties that may arise.

Principal Consultant - ITSM

Part Time




3GC has a very fun and unique Internet startup culture in a typically top down management style industry. We focus on creative solutions utilizing the most innovative technologies in the market, so we need out of the box thinkers to help us grow our business globally. We maintain a very flat management structure that allows for creative thinking and personal projects. We provide flexible schedules and the ability to balance home life with work life respecting that family comes first. We focus on building relationships with our clients and maintaining them so we're looking for people who think long term and win/win relationships.


Business understanding: The solutions we design for our clients are not simple. It requires a deep understanding of both technology and business concepts for maximum results. You will need to learn business operations, finance, human resources, and other business functions as well as how they all integrate into workflows and business processes around the technologies we sell.

Win/Win mentality: When providing consultative solutions for our clients, you have to think win/win. We are not selling products to our clients, we're helping them solve issues. At the end of the day, if what we're doing does not help the client, then we have to change gears quickly.

Customer service: With our focus on building relationships with our clients, everyone is in charge of customer service. Although you will have a service department as well as engineering resources, sales engineers, and project managers to back you, the relationship is everyone's responsibility.

Flat organization: We do not have the typical top own management style of other companies. Many of our employees play multiple roles for our organization and we expect the same from you. Without the normal management structures, it may seem chaotic for some people but it works for us and it became part of our unique culture.

Fast-Paced Growth


A fast paced company and one of the fastest growing in the industry.

Entrepeneurial Mindset

We are constantly looking to expand and grow our business, providing you with more opportunities.

New Technologies


We work on exciting new technologies and solutions.

Multi-faceted Exposure

You will be exposed to  learn different facets of business in various industries and markets.

3GC also encourages initiative, creative thinking, and ideas that continue to take the company to a higher level.  Among the opportunities for growth that 3GC can offer are:


​3GC Group continues to grow as it expands its reach not only in the US but in different parts of the globe. Plenty of opportunities abound for those who are willing and eager to join us in this exciting phase for our company.


Have a look at the opportunities that are available below and apply for the position/s you feel you are qualified for. We shall get in touch with you as soon as possible based on initial evaluation.

Helpdesk Technician - PH

Full Time

Billing Analyst - PH

Full Time

HR Generalist - PH

Full Time

IT Service Manager - PH

Full Time

Project Manager - PH

Part-Time to Full Time


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