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Security, Risk, and Compliance


There are several components to the 3GC engagement model.

Security Solutions

Governance, Risk,

Our comprehensive assessments help organizations identify gaps in their existing security controls an determines whether their critical assets are fully protected. Pandoblox provides both technology-specific assessments and comprehensive, program-wide cybersecurity program assessments. We help customers find and fix vulnerabilities in the security architecture before they are exploited by threat actors.

Business-Focused Security

AdviceAssessment findings are always linked back to the wider perspective of your cybersecurity program and business objectives.

Prioritized Feedback

Recommendations are rankeda ccording to urgency curated for your business roadmap to help clients address critical vulnerabilities first.

Tailored Assessments

Cybersecurity Assessment can be a holistic view of your security posture or focused on specific technologies, dependent on customer needs.

Identify Weak-Points

Uncover cybersecurity gaps in people, process, and/or technologies before they are exploited.


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The larger the organization, the more security exposure becomes a reality.

Security, Risk, and Compliance

Information Technology is the massive operational infrastructure that helps run almost all aspects of business, from individual workstations to communication tools, data processing, as a management platform for a variety of business operations, and as a source for analytics.

While total security for an entire operational ecosystem is more complex today than ever before, modeling security can be a more manageable process as well. 

3GC Group's tools, services, and experienced CxO and staff team supports highly complex systems through quick start programs to ensure the right security strategy without wasting resources on unnecessary excess technologies.

Not only are new vulnerabilities discovered daily in IT products, malicious tech is also advancing rapidly:  Automated scanners, self learning AI systems, advanced vulnerability testers, are all tools even unskilled bad actors can use.  There are even "companies" that breach major systems and sell access on the black market to other hacking organizations specializing in other aspects of malicious activity.  

Today, illegally breaching secure systems is a complex, corporate style industry, with services and tools for anyone with the money and desire to breach complex systems.

Evolving Technology

Adding security to a stable, unchanging environment is difficult enough. But the more agile the business, the more a business needs to modify operations to accommodate changing needs, or changing external forces, like new internal opportunities, vertical market opportunities or challenges, new business or customer relationship trends, or the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  

And no market is immune. While enterprises already understand the importance of both a broad and deep security methodology, many companies still struggle with the idea of a baked-in security philosophy, both because doing so seems expensive, and because many companies don’t believe they are a target.

Changing Needs

Regulatory compliance is another major security requirement. Public and for some industries even private companies, are legally required to achieve certain levels of security for different types of operations, and are legally liable for protecting consumers, employees, and confidential information.  Failure to comply could cost companies millions in penalties if audited and gaps in compliance are discovered.


Some regulations, like HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR, are well known.  But there are many others, like FISMA, NZPA, CCPA. Some are part of more generalized legislation, like GLBA and SOX.


True security doesn’t end at the cyber level. In an age where every type of technology is connected to a network and in turn to the internet, facilities security is now just as important as cyber security, even for an online business. Whether it’s to protect an office, a building, or a facility, physical security is more than ever, a critical part of the safe operations for many corporations.

Facilities Security

There is no silver bullet for security, but with an experienced team with executives who have led some of the largest IT operations in the world, 3GC Group helps companies analyze and define security implementation roadmaps without unneeded spending on new security infrastructure or services. 

3GC’s Group has worked with most security frameworks, including ANSI, CIS, ISO 27K, NIST, COSO, and others, in preparing large IT operations for in-depth security audits. We understand how to bridge the speed needed to get the job done under tight business and budget pressures.


Even the most experienced security expert struggles to secure every aspect of an IT operation. This is where security frameworks come in. Better known ones include ANSI, CIS, ISO 27K, NIST, COSO, COBIT, and SOC/SOC2.  But following security frameworks is time consuming, expensive, and includes a lot of wasted effort.

Truly effective security in a fast paced world requires a broad range of security experts.  Our security strategy and implementation support team understands what parts of security frameworks matter most to augment security management, and what aspects hinder getting the job done.


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