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Facilities Security

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Traditionally, facilities security deals mainly with security within physical premises. However, there has been a need to ensure security within the virtual space as well, especially that people within the organization are using devices that are able to connect online, which can pose a threat if unchecked.

Facilities Security Needs?

Access Control

Access control ensures that users are who they say they are and that they have the appropriate access to specific data.

Security Surveillance

These cameras capture images and videos which can be store locally in-camera, sent to an on-premises local server, or transmitted to the cloud.They can also be programmed to provide all sorts of analytics, from motion tracking to content aware meta-tagging, to highly customizable alarm triggers and alert destinations. Depending on your security needs, there are different IP cameras available capable of capturing at least 1080p video, night vision capabilities, wide field of view, and storage flexibility, from large in-camera-storage to cloud storage.

What We Provide

It is important to have a reliable and quality security system that will monitor activity and record it in the clearest image and video quality available and easily detect and prevent possible breaches that can cost your business billions in losses.

We provide a high quality range of security products that will help ensure the security of your facility. We will also set up a reliable security network in your premises, ensuring every critical area within the facility is sufficiently covered with no blind spots left behind.

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