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IEM - Identity Exploitation Management

Identity Exploitation Management starts with a scanning tool and analysis service that combs the internet, the dark web/gray web, and public lists to find any information on specified individuals, organization domains, publicly released vulnerability information, and fraud attempts. The findings may reveal

Based on the analysis and measurements of the exploitations, we provide services, tools and subscriptions to manage them

Executives or employees with exploitable information 

e.g. Gray web & Identity aggregation sites: criminal records, financial information, confidential medical history information, mortgage applications, etc.

Executives or employees with leaked credentials providing corporate access 

e.g. Dark Web: leaked in a dark web list, leaked from a hacked partner site like Zoom or FedEx or Citibank or Okta

Publicly accessible general security sites

e.g. Security List Sites & Security vulnerability sites: looks through both proprietary and public safety and security list sites

Transactions showing sale of illegal information through common payment gateways 

e.g. Foreign nation payment gateways: transaction histories that include domain and identity information

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