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The Importance of Unified Communications Today

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As the name suggests, unified communications integrate different methods of business communication into a single user interface. Thus, a typical UCaaS (Unified Communications as a service) system brings together instant messaging, VoIP phone calls, video calling, email, and other popular forms of communication under a single system.

The concept of unified communications is nothing new, but in recent times, especially in the wake of the global pandemic where 75% of businesses shifted to remote work operations as a result, UCaaS has seen an increase in adoption as businesses are looking for a powerful and convenient communications solution that can be used by their staff that are now working across different locations.

Unified communications offer key benefits that businesses will be able to take advantage of in this new normal and even beyond:

Cost reduction

Shifting towards UCaaS can help businesses save on different communication hardware and software, from telephony units to VoIP services. Users only need to pay a single provider for the entire communications system, depending on the number of systems and communication channels, with everything needed from hardware to software already provided with the service. In addition, the UCaaS provider handles everything from installation to system updates, so business leaders can focus more on growing the business.

Support for remote working

With a UCaaS system in place, companies no longer have to send individual phones and computers from the office to each team member in their respective locations. Instead, team members just need to sign into the UCaaS system from any internet-capable device at home. As long as there is an internet connection, anyone in the organization can stay connected with their peers or with customers and other stakeholders, regardless of where they are at that moment, ensuring business continuity and growth even in such challenging times.

Improved productivity

Unified communication brings a great deal of ease and convenience in the organization’s communication setup. For one, with the plethora of communication platforms available, team members are able to communicate with one another more instantaneously and effectively. This also extends to communicating with customers, clients, and stakeholders, ensuring that they are able to reach the business easily and someone will be able to attend to their needs promptly.

And with the UCaaS provider already handling the maintenance of the unified communications system of the business, IT personnel, and the business as a whole, get to save considerable time, energy, and resources, allowing them to focus on other things that need a great deal of attention.

Scalability and customization

Apart from being easy to set up and maintain, functions that are actually handled by the UCaaS provider itself, unified communication provides a great deal of scalability and customization, depending on the business’ needs. Users can easily upgrade or even downgrade their systems with the equipment and software needed depending on business demand. Users can also be added or removed. All these capabilities are made possible by the cloud architecture unified communications is based on. By itself, cloud technology is a form of technology that can be accessed and personalized from any location in the world with an internet connection.

As communication not only continues to evolve but is expected to have a radical transformation in the wake of the pandemic, unified communication stands as the future of what communication is expected to be. As a powerful, scalable system that is easily accessible anywhere, businesses stand to gain a lot by having such a system in place as a sign that it is ready for the future.


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