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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Now that companies are forced to transition to a remote workforce, we have been busy assisting them to set up the tools to remain efficient. From migrating operations to the cloud to set up VPNs, there are many steps that need to be taken for a business to be fully set up to work from home.

On-Premise Solutions

For our clients who were using on-premise phone systems, we have been meeting with them to either make their phone systems remote capable or transitioning them to a hosted phone system. They are able to receive phone calls to their personal cell phones or softphones as though they were at the office, so their business is able to continue to run smoothly.

Additionally, we have been setting up VPNs so clients can still access their networks securely. VPNs are a secure way to log in to your business network while ensuring all of your data is encrypted and protected.

We can also assist in increasing your WAN. While this is something that your carrier ultimately needs to do, we are able to move services around so things like your VoIP system or video conferencing have higher priority during the crisis.

Cloud Solutions

With the current situation that the US is finding itself in, cloud technologies are proving to be more important than ever. We can host your phone system in the cloud so that your business can continue with its business operations.

Our hosted solutions are comprehensive and include cloud backup. Storing your data in the cloud ensures that your business will be able to continue business operations from anywhere and make your company more resilient to any future disasters.

You can rest assured that your networks and phone systems are in good hands with 3GC Group. Our technicians receive regular training, coaching and quality reviews to sharpen their skills. Contact us today if your business needs help transitioning to a remote workforce. We have the knowledge and experience to make the transition smooth and painless.


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