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3GC works with CFO's to reduce our client's expenses in operating their IT infrastructure. Our experts have a proven track record of developing an IT Management strategy that creates efficiencies and drives down costs ultimately increasing business value. We have worked with companies such as Samsung, Pioneer Electronics, Fisker Automotive and Oaktree Capital Management to name a few.

Our finance focused group was created based on a change in the needs of our clients. An increasing number of our client's CFO's were playing a larger, more active role in the management of their IT departments. This change in the needs of our clients was also echoed in the 2012 Gartner FEI Technology Study in which 344 CFO's were interviewed. In this report, only 25% of the CFO's surveyed thought that their IT department had "the organizational and technical flexibility to respond to changing business priorities" or "is able to deliver against the enterprise/business unit strategy." As a result, 42% of IT organizations now report directly to the CFO and this number is only expected to increase.

This increased CFO involvement in IT and the inability of most IT departments to deliver technology that is a strategic driver of business performance is what led to the need for our services. Most companies recognize how large of an impact IT can have on effecting improvements in productivity and efficiency but most fail to realize the results that are expected. This is where 3GC Group can help.

3GC Group can help your organization to:

Reduce Operational Expenses within IT and Telecom

  • Reduce Telecom Expenses

  • Reduce Wireless Expenses

  • Reduce IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Expenses

  • Reduce IT personnel expenses


Increase ROI for IT Investments

  • Leverage new, cutting edge technologies – Cloud based technologies, mobility solutions, etc.

  • Outsource IT services

  • Reduce failed IT initiatives

Mitigate Risk

  • Our services are offered on a contingency basis – meaning if 3GC Group isn't able to save your company money, there is no cost to you.

  • 3GC Group provides a "check and balance" for your IT department.


3GC Group's success rate is in excess of 95%. Our model adds no incremental costs to your company and requires minimal involvement on your end.


14622 Ventura Blvd Ste 2047

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Toll Free: 877-3GC-GROUP

Phone: 213-632-0155


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