IT as a Service from 3GC Group Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency

September 23rd, 2020 by admin

A network engineer working in the server room

Your business's IT is extremely important to the success of your company. The services your company provides rely heavily on your IT working correctly and optimally. At 3GC Group, we understand that your IT is vital to your continued success, which is why we offer IT as a Service (ITaaS) to ensure that your business doesn't struggle with its IT. There are numerous benefits to utilizing our ITaaS solution.

Reduced Costs

With budgets tightening due to the pandemic, your business needs to find a way to save money. One of the best things about our ITaaS solution is that it combines multiple in-house positions into one service. Your business will get expertise in security, network administration, server environments, virtualization expertise, cloud platform integration, and support specialists without having to pay the salaries of these positions.

Support Manager

Our Support Manager will handle the daily management of task and maintenance priorities, which will help save your company time while handling the myriad of hourly, daily, and weekly tasks. Instead, you'll get a simplified altering and reporting process to keep your business informed. The Support Manager will save your business time and allow you to focus on the continued growth of your business.

Principal Program Manager (PPM)

Our PPM is an executive IT consultant with experience managing IT operations at the Director, Executive, and C-level positions. The PPM will provide monthly reviews of your IT operations and provide strategic analysis to daily operations. Additionally, the PPM can bring recommendations to any existing roadmaps.

Increased Cybersecurity

With the increase in cybersecurity incidents, ensuring your company is protected is critical. With our ITaaS solution, your business will have up-to-date security to protect your data networks. A breach could cost your company thousands of dollars and loss of public trust.

Our ITaaS solution will help your business become more efficient by consolidating multiple jobs into one service. This consolidation will save your company money, and you'll get access to expert level specialists. Contact 3GC Group today to learn more about our ITaaS solution.

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