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3GC Group announces its Modularized IT Augmentation Strategy

3GC Group is a transformational Managed Services Provider (MSP), IT operations consultancy, and Solution Design and Implementation company led by former CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. We are excited to announce our 2023 “Modularized IT managed augmentation” strategy to help organizations streamline their IT operations while reducing costs. Modularized IT service packages, business operations automation, and toolsets are designed by our elite team of former technology executives, who have designed these systems for global enterprises like Blizzard Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Playboy, and Honest Company.

Modularized IT managed augmentation is a series of services and tools allowing small, mid, and large enterprises to supplement and maximize their day-to-day operations. Most enterprises are looking for help in certain areas of IT operations but do not want to alter the parts that are working well. It is difficult to find Managed Service Provider offerings that will allow you to keep those parts intact as most MSPs want to put in all of their own tools, systems, and processes. These Managed Service offerings are complex and typically have long ROI times. It’s a non-starter for organizations who are looking for fast ROI or reducing costs and already have an IT operation.

What makes Modularized IT managed augmentation attractive is the ability to modularly fit into the IT operations of today’s cloud-first architectures and cost-effectively achieve ROI from month one. The goal is to help existing IT departments augment their operations very similarly to staff augmentation but with services and products built to modularly and seamlessly fit into your existing IT operations.

Traditional break-fix and help desk-focused MSP solutions have an all-or-nothing type offering with a prefixed set of tools, processes, and services. These are disruptive and lock you in for long-term contracts. The 3GC solution is built to provide an ala carte model to augment your existing tools, processes, and people only in the areas of your choosing. For instance, if you just want to replace a section of your helpdesk team to reduce costs, you can, you don't have to replace your whole department. If you want to use your current Remote Monitoring & Management solution but replace your ticketing, you can. If you want to keep your ticketing but just replace your endpoint protection you can and combine it with managed staff augmentation. If you want to just implement IT Service Management into your existing IT operations you can and combine it with our technology services to automate certain workflows. Our solutions are flexible and non-dependent on an end-to-end design.

The first release in this series is our extremely popular Offshore Helpdesk Support given the current climate to streamline day-to-day IT operations because of the increased volume of service tickets, reduced manpower, and ever-changing requirements, this service allows organizations to quickly address a growing need and get instant ROI from month one. We provide access to trained offshore IT staff who can act as a stand-alone support team or augment you're existing with flexible managed staffing models, comprehensive training, and global time zone coverage. If you’ve gone through recent layoffs to your IT team, you can now fill that resource shortage without falling behind on any day-to-day service requests.

In the coming weeks, 3GC will release Devops-enabled modularized services and product tools to allow you to address weak spots in your IT day-to-day operation such as our onboarding/offboarding modular service that will automate workflows, reduce resources and errors, and save time. We will also be releasing modularized IT Service Management and IT Operations Management services that are able to vastly reduce costs without sacrificing features and benefits.



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