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What Makes Cloud VoIP Reliable and Secure

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As a communications platform that is built on the internet, VoIP is not immune to the plethora of cybersecurity issues that have increased in activity in recent years. Despite this, cloud VoIP is able to address and block these threats, ensuring security and a smooth flow of communication.

But what makes cloud VoIP a reliable platform? Here are some of its characteristics:

Maximized website security

The website where you access your VoIP system offers two layers of protection. The first is the built-in firewall in the website which prevents cybercriminals to access it and obtain the data contained. The second layer is its secure socket layer certificates (SSL) which safeguards sensitive data that is being sent between systems, preventing cybercriminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details.

Physical security at their data centers

Data centers are vital facilities that helps keep various online services running from cloud technologies to streaming services. As such, these facilities are equipped with state of the art and the most modern security equipment and sophisticated systems designed to keep the data running through these facilities more secure.

Remote management

Cloud VoIP allows users to manage all business communication on any device, whether from a computer or mobile device, and from any location even outside the premises. And with the aforementioned encryption and firewall in place, users can access their VoIP system anywhere securely.

In addition, some VoIP providers offer tools for users to remotely monitor internet connection speeds, as well as quality of service. This enables users, especially those critical to the organization’s VoIP management, to adjust quality and other settings in order to maintain and improve communications and voice quality even while they’re away from the facility.

Eliminates the need for expensive hardware

With VoIP, there is no need to purchase or add on-premises PBX hardware, thus eliminating the costs such hardware entails, including maintenance, replacement or upgrading of parts, as well as the higher costs for placing local, long distance, or international calls.

Cloud VoIP has proven to be an effective communications platform in terms of performance and security. Users can be assured not only of clear calls but also that the information you share over your network is protected with the security features that cloud VoIP offers.


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