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  • Positive outlook on life.

  • MUST have a sense of humor.

  • Looking to make a difference in the world.

  • Enjoy a challenging work environment with great opportunities for professional growth.

  • Be willing and able to assist with a variety of other duties that may arise.


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How to energize your IT operations in five easy steps

In IT service management, the employee experience is at the heart of all of today's initiatives.

Day-to-day technology operations and user needs have become more challenging, requiring technology to improve service delivery. IT leaders are racing to adopt new technologies to enable resource realignment and improve the employee experience. We have learned a lot from the Covid-19 pandemic. To modernize IT service management (ITSM), IT leaders must introduce intelligent automation enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of process data and AI for technology operations (AIOps). Adopting new tools or AIOps platforms without first rethinking the foundation will exacerbate existing problems.

I have walked into a lot of organizations and have seen their pain. Knowing where to start has been their biggest challenge. I've put together some best practices for IT leaders, like yourself, to help you modernize your IT operations in the right way. To enable resource realignment and an improved employee experience, consider these measures to increase technology function efficiency.

1. Make the business case

With modernizing IT operations there’s a clear return on investment (ROI), lower operating costs, and better service. If IT leaders don't understand and sell the benefits of AIOps, they will take a back seat to other business priorities.

2. Bring in expertise

Most IT support organizations will be unfamiliar with the application of AIOps, so seeking external expertise is crucial early on. A good AIOps system, for instance, should be able to accommodate any telemetry data the company might collect, including logs, metrics, traces, and events. Both structured and unstructured data should be handled by it.

3. Know your direction

A three-to-five-year roadmap for the IT organization must take ITSM modernization and AIOps projects into account. It's also a good idea to make sure that new algorithms and procedures are tool-neutral and cross-platform compatible.

4. Ask your vendors for POCs

Give the vendors the information they need to back up their claims with facts rather than just talking about them. We know that they are out there. Willing to sell you anything. They will just make it up as they go along. Make them prove the value of choosing them over others.

5. Rethink your talent

To enable the deployment of AIOps, IT directors thinking about modernizing ITSM will need to staff in a different way. Staff members with an in-depth understanding of business functions or processes, a systemic understanding of applications and infrastructure, process expertise, experience or interest in machine learning and statistical pattern analysis, and a desire to make changes to optimize operations will be crucial to the transformation.

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