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How smart cameras are providing greater security efficiencies

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Security cameras have come a long way and have evolved to a point where they no longer just record video. Now, there are smart cameras that can extract information from the footage they capture and generate insightful data at the same time.

In addition, smart cameras provide a host of capabilities designed not only to provide greater security within your premises but also to help create more efficiencies in your operations.

Eliminate manual processes

Any particular footage captured by the smart camera can be shared immediately to other parties like law enforcement authorities without having to wait for the footage to be reformatted to a compatible format. This is thanks to the camera’s software being able to export footage to different formats so no additional software or processes would be needed.

Built-in analytics

Smart cameras offer built-in analytics and machine learning capabilities such as the ability to identify certain sounds, especially emergency vehicle sirens and alarms, which in turn alerts users of possible dangers or threats nearby. It can also provide headcount of personnel, ensuring that every personnel is accounted for in case of an emergency that will necessitate an evacuation.

They also offer motion search and motion recap capabilities, making it much easier to find a particular footage that may be needed for review or analysis. This is helpful considering the hours of footage a camera records and it is daunting to sort through all of it.

Simplified management

Smart cameras require regular updates to ensure it continues to work effectively and not be affected by possible hacks that can impede its performance. With their connection to the cloud, smart cameras are equipped with automated firmware updates and patches to ensure the camera provides optimal performance at all times even if users sometimes forget to initiate these updates.

They also have a dashboard that lets users monitor the operation of their smart cameras and see which cameras are offline or having issues, without having to check them one by one in person.

Encryption and user control

To help keep the operation of smart cameras more secure and protect the data contained within them, these cameras already have built-in video encryption in place. Some smart cameras also provide the capability for security administrators to control which users can see specific cameras, view historical footage, and export video.

Smart cameras have proven to be invaluable in providing not only improved security but also rich data that helps their users improve their overall processes, even those beyond security. They have helped make the workplace a more efficient and smart workplace that helps their users get more things done.


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