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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Having complete control over user experiences within your operations and how your users log on and off of your servers is essential. Issues that arise from logging into several different applications and forgetting your passwords can cause frustrations. These problems can cause productivity to decrease and lead to an increase in security vulnerabilities. At 3GC Group, we offer a solution to streamline your operations more effectively and to create a better overall workflow with our single sign-on solutions, or SSO.

Single sign-on is an authentication access control solution built to allow users to gain entry to multiple applications and the server by only signing in once with their credentials. Companies that have adopted this simple solution include Google, Facebook, Paypal, and Microsoft. SSO reduces the frustrations of signing in multiple times for different applications within a server. This basic solution is excellent for various types of organizations and can make a tremendous difference in workplace operations and IT workload.

Why should organizations implement SSO within their business? The benefits are vast, ranging from:

  • SSO significantly improves productivity. This solution allows the user to log in one time and have access to applications and resources all under one user portal, saving on time and confusion. It makes the process of gaining access more convenient and allows more time to be spent on work-related tasks.

  • A single sign-on portal enhances security. You may think that having a one-time authentication process would weaken security, but it improves security immensely. SSO combined with two-factor authentication can further enhance safety by ensuring that the user logging into the portal is the right person.

  • SSO allows for scalability within your business and reduces IT costs. Frequently forgetting passwords can cause an uptick in help desk tickets and IT support. With SSO, forgetting passwords are a thing of the past, thus significantly reducing the cost associated with having an active help desk for login issues.

At 3GC Group, we offer the most innovative solutions for single sign-on with functionalities like two-factor authentication, enterprise-level security, access to centralized user management, seamless SSO integration with any business applications, and other access control capabilities. Are you interested in learning more about SSO? Contact a 3GC Group specialist today to get more information on our SSO solutions.



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