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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Can you remember multiple complex passwords at one time? SSO stands for Single Sign-on and is a simple solution to several complex problems. Not only does SSO solve the issue of memorizing multiple passwords at once but also allows for ease of access, reliability and increases overall productivity. Also, it aids in lower support tickets to your IT department, therefore, freeing up space for other major tech-related issues. The benefits of SSO for your company are tremendous.

3GC Group has partnered up with OKTA and their SSO solution to provide your staff and clients with the ease and efficiency of Single sign-on technology. A common drawback of SSO is the decreased security, but with OKTA, that drawback is eliminated with their enhanced threat protection, 2-step authentication, and multi-factor identification, so not only do you get ease with signing in each day but also peace of mind. SSO benefits your entire team, from managers, IT support, staff and customers. It also enables single login to all of your applications and to the cloud, so it decreases the time it takes to log in to several applications and gets you to where you need to go faster.

Single sign-on allows for quick and easy access to security and surveillance systems as well as network and cloud applications and much more. 3GC Group aims to provide your business with the most efficient IT solutions to increase your production output, offer flexibility, and enhance overall performance. Let us find the solution that's best for you and your organization.



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