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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Partnership Integrates IP based PA Systems to Core Data Network for Converged Network Technologies

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Apr. 09, 2015 - 3GC Group, the leading consulting firm on Converged Network Technologies, and Valcom, the leader in high quality loudspeaker paging and mass notification systems, today announced a technology partnership. The partnership integrates yet another critical technology, IP based PA Systems, onto the core data network alongside unified communications and converged electronic physical security.

3GC Group brings together disparate technologies and seamlessly integrates unified communication (UC), video conferencing, and physical electronic security (CEPS) for a secure, reliable, and high performance infrastructure for single and multi-site implementations. Converged networking technology brings powerful tools to organizations.

Valcom's eLaunch integrates existing or new disparate subsystems into one comprehensive Mass Notification System. A single launch point mass notification allows messages to be sent out to all subsystems quickly and efficiently. As PA systems are traditionally not on the network, Valcom's IP networked PA Systems provides never before seen features through integration with other network technologies, like UC systems, work stations and smart mobile devices. With Valcom, PA systems have more customization capabilities through multiple networks.

3GC's ability to streamline system management through converged network technologies allows Valcom's PA systems to integrate flawlessly with Unified Communication Systems via core data networks. This level of integration allows unique features like pre-recording announcements to MP3 files through a desktop PC and uploading these to the PA system, creating custom PA scenarios for special events or emergency types, and utilizing your enterprise desk phone or mobile smart device to make announcement or send important notifications through the PA system. This partnership with Valcom brings new levels of convergence to PA systems, leveraging the existing data network to reduce costs, while adding new features.

About Valcom

Since 1977, Valcom has been the leader in high quality loudspeaker paging and mass notification systems along with telecommunication system enhancement products providing solutions for the most sophisticated communication requirements. Valcom's extensive offerings are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Roanoke, Virginia and include page control interfaces, VoIP LAN/WAN connectivity, ceiling/wall speakers, paging horns, analog/digital clocks (wired, wireless and IP PoE) and door entry systems. Valcom is the standard product offering for major telephone companies and the overwhelming choice of Fortune 500 Companies. Valcom's pre-engineered technology uses existing infrastructure (CAT 5/6 cable or existing networks) eliminating costs associated with additional wiring. For more information, visit



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