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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Gone are the days when access control systems would be used only at security-sensitive installments and premises. Today, this streamlined method of controlling access to buildings and their particular portions and rooms has become prevalent in the corporate sectors as well. If your business premises have significant square footage, you need a well-thought-out plan for physical security. Consider deploying an access control system.

Here, we are listing a few of the reasons for having an access control system for your

business to manage physical movement across its premises.

1. Keys Are Obsolete

Conventional doors with locks and keys are not the best access control options anymore. If we talk about security, know that keys are not infallible. If someone plans to intrude on your business premises, they can open regular door locks and trespass easily. If insiders are involved, key duplication can also be a likely method.

By opting for keyless electronically-powered doors with RFID passes, you can rule out the security concerns that come with conventional door locks.

2. You Don’t Have to Hire Gatekeepers

When there is automated, self-supervised access control in place, you don’t need to hire new security personnel to gatekeep the external premises and other areas with restricted access. It is a good deal in many ways. First, you will save lifelong operating expenses in exchange for a single upfront cost. Secondly, you can rule out human errors and limitations (absence, dozing off, distraction, etc) from the gatekeeping.

3. Improves Internal Access and Entry Protocols

In many instances, a business needs stringent access and entry protocols for certain rooms and floors within the building (e.g. server rooms, data centers). If you don’t want the entire workforce to have potential access to those areas, install an access control system on their entry/exit points. You can have special RFID badges created for employees who are authorized to enter those places.

4. A Better Sense of Safety and Protection

An access control system provides a better sense of security and protection to employees. Knowing that no unauthorized person can enter the premises helps them in working with their peace of mind intact. For instance, a team working night shifts at a business located in an isolated neighborhood won’t have to worry about thieves and burglars if every entry/exit point of the business is secured by a robust access control system.

5. For a More Professional Outlook

An organization with a state-of-the-art access control system in place develops an improved professional outlook. It has a positive effect on the working environment. A better professional profile also creates a striking first impression on visitors (potential employees and clients). Also, with the installation of an access control system, an organization can have a more seamless transition to the Internet of Things (IoT) environment.

If you need an access control solution for your business, get in touch with 3GC Group. Besides access control, we can also help with a range of other elements and protocols of facilities security.


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