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Hallmark Media Telephone Survey

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A. Hallmark Media is currently planning to transition from an on-premises phone system to a cloud hosted Teams Phone System. By default, we can all call one another without any additional licenses over Teams – With that in mind, do you believe with the technology you have at your disposal today, that you require a traditional telephone service (area code and phone number)?
A. Do you primarily make and receive telephone calls internally within the organization, externally to clients or partners, or both?
B. On average, how many external telephone calls do you make or receive in a typical workday?
C. Are most of your calls local, national, or international?
It acts as a traditional phone service with a 10-digit phone number and can make and receive calls, transfer calls, use voicemail, answer on someone’s behalf etc. Talking and listening happens the same way as regular Teams calls function today through your headset or computer speakers and microphone.
A. Do you currently have specific call routing requirements or preferences? For example, do you need calls to be routed to multiple devices, specific departments, or based on time of day?
A. Voicemail will be an option, but legacy voicemails on the old system will not be transferred over. Is this an issue?
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