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Other Desired Qualifications

  • Positive outlook on life.

  • MUST have a sense of humor.

  • Looking to make a difference in the world.

  • Enjoy a challenging work environment with great opportunities for professional growth.

  • Be willing and able to assist with a variety of other duties that may arise.


As part of our ongoing efforts to understand your phone system needs and preferences, we kindly request your participation in this brief survey. Your input will help us ensure a smooth and successful migration from Mitel to Microsoft Teams, taking into account your specific requirements. Please take a few minutes to provide us with the following information:

1. Contact Information

A. Do you primarily make and receive calls internally within the organization, externally to clients or partners, or both?
B. On average, how many external calls do you make or receive in a typical workday?
C. Do you regularly participate in conference calls or virtual meetings?
A. Would you require training or support to familiarize yourself with the new Microsoft Teams phone system?
A. Do you currently have specific call routing requirements or preferences? For example, do you need calls to be routed to multiple devices, specific departments, or based on time of day?
A. Do you regularly use voicemail services?
A. Would you require access to a centralized contact directory within the new phone system?
A. Do you often work remotely or require the ability to make and receive calls on your mobile device?
A. Do you frequently host or participate in audio conferences with multiple participants?
A. Do you currently utilize any collaboration or messaging tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or others?
B. Would you like the new phone system to integrate with your existing collaboration and messaging tools?
A. Would you prefer a physical desk phone or a softphone (software-based phone) on your computer or mobile device?
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