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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Converged Electronic Physical Security combines separate technologies and integrates them into a core data network

LOS ANGELES, Calif., January 8, 2015 - 3GC Group, the leading consulting firm on Converged Network Technologies, today announced its new line of business, Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS).

3GC Group is a provider of Converged Network Technologies and a value added reseller for organizations with offices across the nation and around the world. 3GC Group provides system design, implementation, integration and management services for a complete end-to-end turnkey solution for your converged network.

3GC Group has always focused on converged networking for our clients, seamlessly integrating UC, video conferencing, and core networking for a secure, reliable, and high performance network infrastructure for single and multi-site implementation. As the demand from existing clients for integrating Physical Electronic Security grew, 3GC Group developed and implemented CEPS by bringing on experienced personnel and developing key technology partnerships.

With overwhelming success over the past two years 3GC Group is today proud to announce CEPS (Converged Physical Electronic Security) as a new line of business. Converged Physical Electronic Security (CEPS) integrates traditionally disparate electronic and physical security related technologies such as IP Video Surveillance, Access Control systems and Intrusion Detection Systems onto a core data network to ensure that it is optimized, reliable and secure. Organizations gain overall infrastructure cost savings by bringing these physical security solutions onto a core data network.

Integrating CEPS also allows all Security System(s) related applications to share the same Data and Information Security protocols inherently adopted by most IT and Network Management departments to ensure a secure environment. Today, CEPS supports 256 AES Encryption on all critical components, from Application to System Controllers as well as System Client to System Server encryption via DCOM. The result is a highly secure, centrally manageable Security System(s) Network Infrastructure.

Since the launch of CEPS, 3GC Group has successfully provided services to organizations from various industries such as education, state government, automotive insurance, industrial complexes and major commercial shopping centers. They have partnered with various companies like RS2, OnSSI, Mobotix and Open Options to just name a few to provide a complete security solution.

"With CEPS we are taking security to a new level of fully integrated converged solutions that provide each organization with an efficient network, economies of scale with lower overall costs, and features not available when the solutions were not on the same IP network." said Tetsu Noguchi, Vice President of Business Development at 3GC Group. "These are exciting times, and 3GC Group is dedicated to helping our customers, our partners, lower costs while doing more."



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