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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

One of the key components to making a successful and productive remote workforce is communication. Without effective ways to communicate collaboration between your workers is difficult to establish and maintain. While there are many options available, using certain applications can cause unforeseen problems. As some tools being used lack the proper infrastructure to support all the traffic they are receiving, which can lead to slowing down your worker's computer at inconvenient times. That's why it's essential for businesses looking to establish a remote workforce to get unified communications with 3GC Group.

Our unified communications solution offers everything your business needs. As we provide not only multiple tools to communicate effectively but the infrastructure to support them with a converged network in a package that includes the following:

  1. SD-WAN Instead of maintaining expensive hardware, this innovative solution allows you to preserve bandwidth and prioritize traffic. It can be utilized to support cost-efficient operations, as high-quality connections can be set for high-quality apps and lower quality connections can be set for lower quality apps. Ultimately, this helps you provide remote workers with more seamless access to apps without sacrificing processing power on their end.

  2. VOIP VoIP can create a seamless experience for your workers as you’ll have one completely interconnected phone system that is spread out to wherever your employees may be. This lets them have access to all the unique features of an office phone, such as transferring calls and conference calls while working from home.

  3. Video Video conferencing helps remote employees integrate more easily into the group on a more personal level. Providing the benefits of making organizational meetings and interactions more productive as well as shortening the decision-making processes for operations.

Communication is a key part of any business, and for remote employees, it's essential for their productivity and efficiency. Get a unified communication solution from 3GC Group and set your remote workforce up for success.

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