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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Los Angeles, CA, April 15th - The Guerilla Mask Movement (GMM) provides critical masks directly to healthcare workers in dire need of protection as they deal with COVID-19 patients. It all started when, Henry Park, CEO of 3GC Group, was seeking masks for his wife, a pediatrician working with limited access to protective equipment. Gene Chuang, CTO of p.volve and founder of LA CTO Slackers, joined shortly thereafter, a fellow tech guy who’s wife is also a pediatrician.

After procuring a number of KN95 masks (compare N95 and KN95 masks here) and contacting other frontline workers to deliver excess masks, a second effort to procure more masks began, continuing a cycle of fulfilling orders and ordering more supplies. As more friends and partner companies heard of and volunteered to help with the expanding effort, from supply procurement to logistics, delivery, platform assistance, and vetting requests, a movement was born.

As of today, the Guerilla Mask Movement (GMM) has 70 volunteers and 3 companies helping to coordinate a massive effort to continue providing life-saving masks to the ever-increasing number of frontline healthcare professionals in need.

The Guerrilla Mask Movement (GMM) is partnering up with other organizations that share similar goals during this time of crisis, including Count On Me Family Foundation and SoCal Tech for SoCal Hospitals. The Guerilla Mask Movements is collaborating with SoCal Tech for SoCal Hospitals to expand our reach and streamline operations. SoCal Tech for SoCal Hospitals is a partnership of tech leaders in southern California with a goal to supply 100k+ masks for the local hospital and healthcare worker community. Count On Me Family Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on empowering and inspiring children through community partnerships, which has joined the fight against COVID-19 in these extraordinary times.

Today we have

  • 70+ agent volunteers, with more every day

  • 50+ healthcare professionals ordering on behalf of teams of frontline workers

  • Delivering to 41 unique healthcare facilities

  • Delivered over 15,850 masks to date, with continuous shipments coming in (between SoCal Tech and GMM)

  • 90k more masks to be donated in the next 4 weeks

While the movement began in Southern California, the Guerilla Mask Movement (GMM) is working with volunteers and critical healthcare workers across the country, including well over 50 healthcare facilities represented by doctors, nurses, administrators, and anesthesiologists.

To volunteer, get involved, or partner, contact Robert Kabasa at

To donate to this effort, go to guerillamaskmovement’s gofundme page here.

If you’re a frontline healthcare professional in need of masks, contact


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