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The digital tools being used by your organization are constantly evolving.  The skillset and manpower to support these improved tools have dramatically changed.  Now as your organization digitally transforms, the new IT focus must shift to innovation, with a focus on data and applications. 

Value Proposition

We provide the missing link between new tool implementation and evolved IT staff requirements through proprietary technology that finds individuals who will work well together and with the client’s team, and then provide each resource for the hours and duration needed and no more.

These new digital platforms offer specialty and efficiency.  Spin-off project initiatives are many times also needed to further customize and fine-tune your initial investment.  The nature of these new roles creates a dilemma for organizations as they struggle on how best to build their IT teams, knowing many of these roles are part-time and short-term functions. 

To have a fully functional, internal team would require an elaborate staff budget and a complete understanding of future state RACIs as your tools will continue to evolve.  A digital transformation focused solely on the tools and not understanding the unique, evolving, and cascading staffing requirements will ultimately fail because you cannot properly support your new tools.


Staff Augmentation

Managed Staffing



3GC understands this missing link between tool implementation and evolved IT staff support.  We allow your organization to fully leverage your technology investment by identifying these critical but part-time and short-term roles you need.   The upside is maximizing impact with your IT support budget while minimizing costs and time lost in endless job searches. 

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