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Security challenges, a growing array of tools, and lack of resources can make it difficult to deliver the real-time collaboration experiences that employees expect. 3GC Workspace Services provide a comprehensive approach allowing employees to work from anywhere, on any device, securely.

Workspace, Collaboration, Communication

Improving digital dexterity to meet the needs of an evolving communication, collaboration, and connection environment. From providing easy to use yet secure tools to ensuring compliance, the digital workplace requires a transformation of IT operations in a world that id redefining how we must work. achieving that operational excellence means taking another look at how IT workflow can best match to key business goals.

Digital Workplace

The need for IT infrastructure to handle the stresses of rapidly changing environment, from security to applications, structuring data to communication requires changes to an IT strategy. There is a new normal in IT needs and knowing what to focus on, plan for, and implement is critical to improving ease of use, security, governance, and adoption.

Network & Systems Infrastructure

Migrating to the Cloud sounds simple, but many companies quickly realize what a daunting task this can be. Too often, cloud migration projects can become a tangled mess with no end in sight. To be successful, planning cloud infrastructure, migrating data, and getting staff buy-in requires a multi-pronged approach. And 3GC Group has the experience and know-how to get migrations done on time and on budget.

Cloud Migration & Management

Door systems, IP video surveillance, and RFID solutions for buildings or campuses require experience on construction projects, expertise in designing field of view maps, and a deep understanding of network infrastructure. 3GC Group has spent a decade integrating facilities systems into data networks, enhancing systems with application integration, and providing worry-free reliability long term.

Facilities Security

As malicious actors continue to evolve both domestically and abroad, cybersecurity continues to evolve and improve. From Zero Trust services to AI-infused security, the landscape of cybersecurity tools is changing faster than traditional security tools can keep up. Today’s cybersecurity needs a security framework to ensure all vulnerabilities are address, and a new generation of security tools and policies are implemented to meet this changing landscape.


Our Services

3GC Group is a global Managed Services Provider, Consultancy, and Solution Design company focused on IT operations, lead by former CxO’s

ITaaS 2.0

ITaaS 2.0's Unique Middle Management services module provides staffing coverage to instill IT best practices.

Security Services

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought, and shouldn’t be managed separately from other operations. True security is build into every aspect of a digital operation.

For more information on how 3GC Group can help,

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Get the vision you need to figure out how to fuel your next growth phase.

Maturity Modeling
A few short interviews quickly identify how mature your IT organization is.

IT Ops Automation

Automating IT operations to better align people and processes.

Data & Business Intel

Turning raw data into real, actionable, business insight through business intelligence applications.

CISO as a Service

Quick and effective action plan to get you secure fast without the expense of a full time Chief-Information-Security-Officer.


A modular monthly services program supporting you through IT operations optimization.

ITaaS 2.0

Comprehensive IT-as-a-Service subscription to support your everyday technology needs

Security Services

Extending your IT team to handle cybersecurity without the need for a dedicated security team.

Staff Augmentation

Specialized teams of fractional roles and limited-term engagements.

Our Promises

  • No Big Assessments

  • Business Alignment

  • Experience Led Agility

  • Actionable & Measurable

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