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Outsourcing IT is about peace of mind, knowing you are getting the most out of your IT operations, not just cost savings.

Outsourcing IT operations is about a combination of cost savings and access to highly skilled engineers.

But how do you know you’re getting the most out of your IT?

The best IT operations are carefully crafted to meet a company’s mission statement, business goals, and culture.

To match your IT operations to your business goals, you need IT leaders who have experience leading some of the largest IT operations across multiple industries as CIOs, CTOs, COOs and IT Directors. Our executive consultants have headed IT operations in the world, including a gaming platform with millions of users, an entertainment production company, global consumer brand, retail chain, multi-national financial software company, nationwide real estate and property management company, consumer products manufacturer, and ecommerce businesses.

3GC’s executive consultants take the time to understand what drives your business, and how to achieve operational excellence to meet your business goals.

The 3GC ITaaS model consists of 4 fundamental components:

  • Access to our Executive Consultants, with experience in matching IT operations business goals.

  • A dedicated PPM, or Principal Program Manager and support manager, focused on ensuring that IT tasks stay prioritized towards what’s important rather than simply reacting to issues as they crop up.

  • A network of engineers, each with expertise in specific IT specializations including network infrastructure, cybersecurity, user access, software platforms, facilities security, cloud platforms, communications and collaboration systems, and software integrations and administration. Guided by the PPM and Support Manager, our engineering team can focus on efficiently dealing with.

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting.

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Information Technology as a Service