Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I have VOIP phones and I have quality issues. What could the problem be?

    A: The quality could come from a few factors, internet speed and quality, your network configuration, and or the hosted VOIP provider.

  • Q: My phone/internet bill is too high, what should I do?

    A: Provider rates change constantly, please call or email us so we can do a free consultation and look over your bills to see if you can lower the monthly costs.

    There are many ways to increase productivity and reduce costs, unused features, SDWAN can increase efficiency by 35%, multiple carrier contracts created over time, misdesigned wan not optimizing edge routers and firewalls and legacy TDM/circuit based infrastructure leaves unused trunks to waste.

  • Q: I am moving to a new building, what do I need to check for my telecom/network equipment?

    A: When moving to a new building, you have to see what providers are in the area for your phone and internet service, then you need to check the low voltage cabling requirements that are needed and also that are in place. Please contact us for a free consultation and site survey of the new location and we can help with the entire process.

  • Q: I cant make inbound/outbound calls, what could be causing this?

    A: I would check with your phone/internet provider depending on what type of phones you have. If the service provider stated that everything looks good on their side, I would call your phone vendor. You can make a service request ticket by our support page or calling into support.

  • Q: I am having latency concerns in my network, what could be causing this?

    A: Latency issues could be caused by a number of things. The network infrastructure design could have been done poorly. A lot of things have to be considered when designing an infrastructure that suits your business needs such as if your business is local, regional or national, where your endpoints are located, how much data you are pushing and where.

  • Q: Should I have my IT services in the cloud or on premise?

    A: A lot of considerations have to be taken when deciding to go into the cloud or on premise. Even though cloud is a buzz word right now it may not be the right fit for you. At 3GC we have the ability to be able to help you find the right solution or mixture of solutions that will be both operationally and cost effective.

  • Q. How can my security surveillance system be setup to work at full capacity?

    A. We see that there is currently 56% inefficiency out there today, separate networks and storage leads to double the unused network capacity and network security requirements, new analytics and vms software can help automate much of our physical security, integrate mobility to reduce human security efforts, old coax and cable infrastructure can be replaced with wifi and new wired networks for efficiency.

  • Q: Is it possible to view my cameras remotely?

    A: Yes it is, the NVR would need a network connection to the internet and then we can configure it to be viewed remotely.

  • Q: I want to be able to view a wide area with a camera, how can I accomplish this?

    A: You can accomplish this in a number of ways, we could install a wide angle lens camera, or we can install a pan/tilt/zoom camera, 360 camera, etc. Please contact us for a free site survey so we can determine what camera is needed for your area.

  • Q. How can having a hyperconverged network help?

    A. We find that there is 51% of ineffiency out there with unused processing power, limited disaster recovery features, redundant circuits and boards, a lot of unused resources just sitting around and multi tiered networks take a lot of support and maintenance. By having a hyperconverged network we combine both hardware and virtualization layers and manage them holistically bringing efficiency.

  • Q: What is the difference between Hosted IP phones and an on premise phone system?

    A: Hosted IP phones run through the public internet and do not require carrier phone service. They require a quality network and internet service. An on premise phone system utilizes phone service from a carrier and the phone system is installed on site at your location. It does not use internet services.

  • Q. What happens when your network infrastructure is done incorrectly?

    A. From feedback from our clients we see a 45% inefficiency by misrouting of network flows, not maximizing switch backplanes, firewalls are not running all the features and using less than 30% processing capacity, only using 20% of server processing capacity, separate storage networks for different applications, security vulnerabilities, vlans not setup correctly, and QOS and COS.

  • Q. How can staff augmentation help my company?

    A. We find that there are always under utilized employees, you can reduce costs of insurance and benefits, reduce long training and ramp up times, short term project needs makes long term hires inefficient.