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With a ShoreTel system, you get the best reliability in the industry, manageability in the industry and flexibility, resulting in dramatically improved organizational communications and a low cost of ownership.

ShoreTel is renowned for:


Best-in-Class Management – Ideal for companies that have multiple sites, a single-view interface enables a global, multi-site IP phone systems to be managed from anywhere with very little effort. Moves, adds and changes can be implemented in just a few keystrokes from a central location.

Unmatched Productivity – From converged conferencing to unified messaging, seamless telecommuting to distributed customer care, ShoreTel systems let you choose from more than 400 features they can customize with the simplicity of point-and-click.

Ease of Use – An intuitive interface gives users control over complex system functions. ShoreTel systems break the common 80-20 rule, enabling 80% of users to leverage 80% of system features.

Phenomenal Clarity – ShoreTel leverages IP to deliver superior system and IP phone sound quality – often better than is possible over traditional landlines.

Data-network Independence – ShoreTel systems integrate with routers and switches from all the leading data vendors, without forcing customers into costly network upgrades usually mandated by proprietary vendors.

Simple Expansion Capability – The ShoreTel IP phone system can be easily expanded, enabling quick rollout to new locations – whether a single branch office or a global enterprise network. In-house IT professionals can change extensions, add phones, alter voice mail and reconfigure options with ease.

Smooth Migration Path – The ShoreTel system can easily integrate with existing legacy phones systems, such as PBXes or voice mail, making migration easy.

Distributed Reliability – ShoreTel IP phone systems are built on a distributed, embedded hardware platform with no single point of failure. IP phone and PSTN failover further ensure 99.999% reliability.


ShoreTel's innovative IP phone system, combined with the company's track record of delivering outstanding customer satisfaction, make ShoreTel the smart choice to help your enterprise leverage the power of Voice over IP today and well into the future.

A Smarter Phone System Can Actually Make A Difference


Reliable and easy-to-use systems that turbo charge productivity and customer satisfaction.


ShoreTel systems are designed to help make business smarter. ShoreTel's award-winning systems are simple to manage, easy to use, reliable and incredibly flexible. Imagine a phone system that actually anticipates your needs and fits into your infrastructure seamlessly. So smart they almost take care of themselves. That's ShoreTel technology.


ShoreTel's constant innovation has led to numerous industry firsts. At the core of this innovation is ShoreTel's distributed systems architecture and intuitive user interface, which facilitates ease-of-use across your IP network. This unique architecture sets the standard for reliability, scalability and flexibility. Voice services can be distributed and shared across a multi-site enterprise, while new users can be instantly added. ShoreTel switches can be deployed where and when you need them – anywhere on the IP network.

Intelligent Phone Systems Get Smarter

  • Crystal-clear voice quality

  • Scalability as you grow

  • World-class customer service and support

  • Powerful desktop productivity tools

Engineered to Perfection

  • Unique distributed architecture

  • ShorePhone™ telephones – designed the way you work

  • Intelligent drivers – ShoreGear voice switches


ShoreTel's entry level Contact Center (Workgroups) is designed for smaller centers that are looking to become more efficient in their operations. With the workgroup product, you can:

  • Basic call routing for consolidating your calls to one number

  • Basic reporting to measure your call volume

  • Real-time agent visibility of call volume so they can better manage their time

  • Supervisor monitoring of call-volume, and average wait time

Contact Center

ShoreTel's Contact Center Product addresses the needs of more formalized centers with advanced real-time management and historical reporting, and is designed for small to medium sized contact centers with an advanced need to analyze their performance and optimize their results. The Contact Center product provides:

  • A real-time management tool that gives dedicated supervisors the information they need to manage a center with consistent service delivery

  • A comprehensive view of what agents are doing to provide assurances to supervisors that the right things are being done

  • Supervisors with the information they need to be confident that they will always know and can report the current status of their operation

  • Supervisors with various views of performance and statistical information on results so they know how the group is performing and what needs to be improved

  • New tools to improve the supervisor communication with their agents so they can get the results they want

Enterprise Contact Center

The enterprise contact center product provides an advanced solution for customers turning their contact center into a strategic asset. With the Enterprise product, advanced routing and multiple service options let you customize the experience for callers and also give you the tools to make sure the right agent answers the right calls. The Enterprise Contact Center provides:

  • The ability to prioritize your callers so that better customers get answered first

  • Tools to better optimize your resources by more specifically matching the customer with the right agent

  • Skills-based routing to ensure customers talk to the right agent. This means that agents receive customers for which they're best equipped

  • Functionality that eliminates agent costs via self-service options for status-request calls

  • All the management benefits from the contact center

ShoreTel Voice Switches


Enabling business-critical unified communications with high performance and high reliability.

As key building blocks of the ShoreTel® Unified Communications System, ShoreTel ShoreGear® Voice Switches deliver unified communications to organizations of every size – from large enterprises to small and medium businesses.

ShoreGear voice switches unify communications across multiple enterprise locations, providing n+1 form of redundancy for very high system availability. ShoreGear voice switches manage ShorePhone IP phones and analog lines, as well as PSTN and ITSP trunks.

ShoreTel Communicator


ShoreTel Communicator presents end-users a single interface to manage communications using their ShoreTel desk phone, computer, mobile phone, or home telephone. The application integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and provides visual voicemail, call notes, and routing information. Rich features enable on-site and remote users alike to see who is available, choose how best to reach them, and make and receive calls transparently as though they were at their desks. It also improves productivity by providing seamless remote access to voicemail, directories and address books, call history, and call-routing settings.

ShoreTel Director


ShoreTel Director is a Web-based tool that provides a single management interface for all voice applications, across all locations. Users can manage voice routing, voicemail, auto-attendant, and basic automated call distribution (ACD) capabilities for every site in the network. This eliminates the need for multiple management systems or multiple windows for different PBXs, sites, and basic applications. Extremely easy to learn and use, ShoreTel Director helps to improve administrator productivity, lowers ownership costs, and reduces strain on IT resources.


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