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3GC has been providing clients with consulting for nearly a decade. As 3GC engineers specialize in specific specialties while simultaneously maintaining certifications and expertise in core networking and network security, as well as WAN traversal, 3GC services can implement projects more efficiently than many of our competitors. For many enterprises, the larger the network, the easier it is to encounter network issues that seem unsolvable as each vendor providing services in a specific part of the network fails to see the overall IT infrastructure to determine the actual issue. Our dedicated project managers understand the key to solving such issues may lie in two or three interdependent areas of a network pathway, and a multi-disciplinary approach is required to resolve the issue. This is where 3GC Group's E-Cubed philosophy shines. Our engineers look beyond a low performing phone system, a building access control RFID failure, a choppy IP video surveillance system, and analyses the entire pathway, from WAN connectivity, to firewall and router settings, to problems in LAN switching infrastructure to resolve issues quickly.

PMP Project Management

The E-Cubed philosophy is also fundamental in solution design. Our PMP certified project management ensures our solution design simulates designs and pre-troubleshoots potential issues before implementation begins. This allows 3GC solution designers to pre-address problems instead of simply reacting to issues as they arise during a project implementation. For our clients, this also means the familiar and often dreaded change order paperwork is reduced, along with fewer task dependencies, and a smoother project implementation.

Our engineering cubed approach to converged networking results in:

Engineering Cubed Approach

Use 3GC to collaborate with you to find the right solution for your connectivity. With E-Cubed , every 3GC engineer is required to become certified and experienced in one converged technology, like UC, IP video surveillance, business provisioning, hyper convergence, application security, or virtualization; one perimeter technology, like network security, WAN

optimization, SDWAN, or telecom; and most importantly, core infrastructure.

As the underlying hardware platform over which all traffic flows, each of our engineers is certified in either Juniper or Cisco, and trained extensively on L2 through L4 networking. The E-Cubed philosophy is centered around minimizing optimizing network designs and minimizing trouble-shooting by allowing our engineers to conduct root cause analysis quickly in single or multi-vendor environments.

Our services, ideally suited to Private Equity companies involved in M&A, divestiture, leveraged buy-out, or similar, start with a fundamental shift in how we provide consulting, implementation, and support services. Unlike more traditional management consulting practices, our Services begin with our CIO/CTO/CISO partners, who have successfully transformed and run some of the largest technology environments in the world, including one of the largest worldwide gaming platforms, a globally branded alcohol manufacturer, a top tier defense contractor/manufacturer, one of the most recognized entertainment brands in the world, and multiple federal government agencies.

Through those experiences, we combine the best of traditional management consulting and real-world Technology leadership to provide both a clear picture of a company's technology environment including excess and gaps, and a roadmap of priorities that best fits the needs of an organization. Click here for more information.


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