Safely and Speed with SD-WAN through Silver Peak

June 11th, 2018 by admin

Man in Suit Using Technology

Like many other businesses with offices spread over a large geographical distance, you're probably finding that the ability to move your information and applications into the cloud makes your day-to-day tasks much easier. However you probably have some top priority information that you want to keep secure, how will you do this when you're basically uploading everything onto the internet? This is where SD-WAN comes in. With an SD-WAN system, you'll find that you get a high level of security and the ability to adapt to those changing network patterns of utilizing the cloud.

Don't be worried that switching to SD-WAN might be too much for your people to handle though! At 3GC Group we're partnering with Silver Peak so that you have the best network available. Silver Peak has 12 years of experience in building WANs and is always working to improve the current system. This way when you're ready to have your data move faster and more securely with SD-WAN, all your people will need to do is turn on the power and plug in the ethernet! It's that simple.

We are ready for a better network solution and we are excited about the many possibilities with SD-WAN. Better speeds without needing to bounce information around and saving money thanks in part to increased productivity. If you're ready to move your data faster and more securely then talk to us today about SD-WAN through Silver Peak.

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