RS2 Technologies was founded on the four cornerstones of Innovation, Flexibility, Reliability, and Powerful, Friendly Software.


Innovation pervades our company culture. You will see it in our products and in our approach to customers. From our integration of customer suggestions into the next edition of our software to the use of a web-based technical support system, we try to bring innovation into everything we do. Product enhancement is a major focus of our engineering efforts. We are constantly looking for ways to simplify and improve our products.


From our use of open architecture platform standards to our approach toward customer service, RS2 is the most flexible company in the access management industry. RS2 goes the extra mile to address customer concerns and satisfy customer needs. We recognize the demands of the industry, we listen to the end users and our dealers, and we make our products easy to integrate with other security system components.


Our hardware products are based on the most reliable, industry proven hardware  available. Our products not only undergo rigorous bench and field tests, but have been proven through years of service in a variety of demanding environments. Our software, based on proven Microsoft® core technology, undergoes multi-level, multi-platform testing, as well as extensive beta testing.


There is a lot of powerful software available in the access management industry. The problem with most of it is that you have be an IT professional to use it. This is what distinguishes RS2’s line of Access It® software from the rest of the pack. RS2 is one of the only access management companies that brings an end-user perspective to the business. We realize that, more often than not, the person at the operator level is more likely to be a security guard than an IT manager. We understand security people and  IT people. So, although our software is designed to be easy to use, it is also packed with useful reporting and management features.